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About Catherine Villier at Le Kiosque à Fleurs 

Growing up in farm in the Haut-Doubs Mountains in France near the Swiss border, Catherine Villier began creating wildflower bouquets from a young age. Charmed by the abundant nature, she was constantly discovering more about the flowers and vegetation surrounding her. Their freshness, colors and scents brought her a sense of well-being.

In her own words, Catherine says that, “a florist not only sells flowers, she embellishes life and brings happiness. A florist's experience, creativity and sensitivity brings harmony to a place or an event.”


Fond of all kinds of vegetation, Catherine draws her inspiration from nature, seasons, fashion, themes or venues and its surroundings for an event. Her particular favorites include old varieties of perfumed roses and any kind of sweet smelling flowers, orchids, succulent plants and cactus.


From her floral workshop in Sidi Ghanem (Marrakech's industrial zone) Catherine prepares elegant floral arrangements using a wide range of local Moroccan flowers and vegetation as well as imported flowers as well as a selection of orchids.

Catherine and her team are experienced in working on private and high-profile parties, special events and weddings for a range of local and international clients.

Contact us 

Mobile: 00212 6 61 19 70 77

Mobile: 00212 6 61 56 49 19

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